Merlins started out in 1993 when a group of villagers decided to build a float to take part in the Somerset Carnivals. It was to be built under a makeshift barn at a local engineering works opposite the Barton Inn, Barton St David. There were plenty of volunteers and the floats produced were excellent. Problems came in 1996 when Merlins had to find a new location to build, in the end this resulted in a field with no services half way up Jarmany Hill but still in Barton. After that years carnival season the club decided to have a break and try to find a new sight for building. The new sight came from a friendly farmer in Parbrook. We all set about preparing the site for our requirements including a good electrical supply, running water and lighting. The only problem with this location was that the float remained uncovered, over the next three years this was a real problem and an amazing demonstration of everyone’s determination to produce a float. During our time there the float grew and grew, we even reached the 100' length limit with our entry Haylushka. 2001 saw the club need to have another break and a better building sight was offered in nearby Newlands Farm, Keinton Mandeville. The move was hampered by the foot & mouth outbreak and so we left it until early 2002.
For the first time in it's history Merlins had a good solid undercover building area.

Sadly now due to lack of members we can only build a far smaller float using just the generator trailer part of the float. What has been produced though is impressive and to a good standard thanks to those who have really put some effort in to the building. It seems strange and sad, that now we have the best facilities and are so close to so many, that we have so few members. PLEASE come and join us.